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  1. Accounting
    .Our business consulting accounting services save clients time they can use to focus ON their business, and money they can use to GROW their business. The average business owner who utilizes our accounting services will see an increase of up to 50% in income and/or personal free time.
  2. Payroll
    We will assist you in re-calibrating your expenses and evaluating your benefits package. Let our business consulting professionals handle the integration and implementation of payroll and benefits.
  3. Human Resources
    Harn business consulting HR services will save up to 45% of the cost of employing an HR specialist or using a Professional Services Organization (PSO). We specialize in re-calibrating your costs and adding value to your benefit suite.
  4. Administrative Services
    Your business can benefit from having a professional support team for all of your organizational needs without expensive employee overhead costs.
  5. Business Consulting
    Our business consulting professionals help our clients create new revenue streams, increase current revenue, and re-calibrate their company to improve operating performance.
  6. Board of Advisors
    The Harn team of experienced, savvy business consultants has the technical know-how and partnership expertise that bring valuable and immeasurable intellectual capital to the table.
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