We Can Help:

  • Sell your commercial properties
  • Sell your business 
  • Help you purchase a business or commercial property

Our belief is that if you do it right the first time so you don't pay for duplication in labor efforts. When you  spend money to target a client and close the deal, you want to keep them.  Client retention is imperative and service must be impeccable.  

That said, our teams have created service modeling for various industries from casinos, SaaS technology companies and payroll service providers.   We have a proven track record with best in class national award winning methodologies in place to increase and enhance client retention. 

We help our clients generate new revenue streams, maximize current revenue and recalibrate your organization for optimum operating efficiency
We have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars (up to 45% of costs) by employing professional and practical solutions.  We specialize in recalibrating your costs and adding value to your benefit suite.  We manage successful payroll and benefit integrations and 

•Save up to 45% on an HR specialist or from using a Professional Services Organization (PEO).

•We'll help you re-calibrate your costs and evaluate your benefits suite.

•Let us handle your payroll and benefits integration and implementation.

Working IN your business so you can work ON business.
Harn & Associates Back Office Solutions, LLC, Bookkeeping Service, Woodstock, GA
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Commercial Real Estate and Business Brokers
  • Many companies have the desire to grow or sell.  We help you by shoring up your infrastructure in operations and sales.
  • Our experts can build a Board of Advisors, which is different than a Board of Directors.  You maintain control of your company while gaining the intellectual capital of the board members and the experience they posses.
  • We help position you to get the positive attention you need from potential investors or buyers. 
Positioning to grow or sell?
We have some of the strongest professionals in the industry available to your organization to buy or sell your commercial real estate and business. Founder, Danita Harn, is aligned with Berkshire Hathaway Georgia Properties - Commercial Division bringing the best in class to the business deal.  
Have the support of a professional for your administrative needs without the overhead cost of an employee. We help our clients save time but also give the assurance that they are supported by a professional team.

We can book travel, set up appointments, schedule meetings, and much more.  
Human Resources and Payroll
Business Consulting - Outsourced Management Teams
Business Services
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Administrative Services
We know that having a board can mean that you may lose total control of your company--when you have spent so much time and sweat equity building it up!  Our team has the professional know-how and bank of relationships with keen business professionals that bring an enormous amount of intellectual capital to the table.  These business professionals help raise the value of the organization, the credibility and access to relationships or vendors that you would not normally have at your fingertips. 

Our team has built numerous boards for companies in various market verticals.  Each board has a unique set of assets based on the needs of the individual company.  This helps businesses stay on track without doling out fiduciary responsibilities to board members.  Each company that we helped has gained tremendous milestones and obtained their goals.  Some companies have grown, others have sold.  But they have all progressed due to having a board of advisors.
Board of Advisors
Harn and Associates | P.O. Box 2121, Woodstock, GA, 30188 | 855-518-4595 | info@harnandassociates.com
Covert Information Services
From time to time a company's management team has suspicions that something is not right in the workplace, or are concerned with employee behavior. A covert information operation, when used correctly, can determine if there is reason for concern or not. Our operatives will provide you with the intelligence needed to address a specific problem or confirm that your concerns were unfounded, and can discover ways to improve moral and productiveness in your company.

The reason this program works is that a competent undercover operative is able to catch nuances, build trust, and develop leads that create a better understanding of a situation or locale. Management will be provided with timely reports to keep you informed as to the progress of the investigations. We will also advise you as to what course of action should be taken based on the information gathered.

If you would like more information on how we conduct our investigations and/or how we may be able to solve any issues you may have, please contact us for a free discreet consultation.